Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stepping Stones Presentation

Wow!  Hopefully you got to come enjoy our Stepping Stone Presentation.  The kids did a great job and it was a lot of fun.  If you haven't been able to see the article in the newspaper, here is the link.  The Longboat Key Observer interviewed several of the kids yesterday morning and may have a story next week about it.  And, there was a nice little snippet on ABC7 last night as well!

Here we are before coming down to the Courtyard with the lovely cake that YEA! Arts brought to share.

And here are the stepping stones.  Can you see the "YEA!" in this first one?

And here are the STARS of the presentation...and some of the sweetest kiddos around!  They are eagerly waiting to start in this first photo.  It got pretty chilly out there all of the I'm surprised they aren't huddled a LITTLE CLOSER!

 Welcome to our presentation...
 We call our classroom "The Learning Garden" because it's where we "Learn, Think, and Grow".
 We have a class song we'd like to present to you called "The Garden Song"...
 "Inch by inch, row by row, I'm going to make this garden grow..."
 We learned that Mosaic is art made up of little pieces of material that make a bigger and better picture.
 We also learned our brains work like mosaics.  We learn little pieces of information that go into our brains to make a bigger and more beautiful picture.
 We made small stepping stones for our families and larger stepping stones for our Southside Family...
 We want to give our artists, Lindsey and Chitra a special gift...

We made these mosaic frames for them to say "thank you" for all of their hard work!

Our friends from YEA!  John and Robin Sullivan, Rachel Levy, Leslie Lacktman and our Principal, Mr. Dragon shared a few words about the YEA!, Ringling and Southside Partnership.    
 And then it was time to cut the ribbon!
We finished up this fun ceremony...then went back to our room...
 And ate a little cake!
Thank YOU to all of the parents (and Grandparents) who came and helped in our audience, with card and gift making, cake serving and photography!  I can't wait to see where we get to go NEXT semester!

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  1. Wow, What a wonderful experience for your students! I am so glad that you are a member of our Southside family and our Kindergarten Team!