Thursday, March 29, 2012

Celebrate Learning Day

What an incredible day visiting the decades!  The kids had a BLAST.  I'm certain that they are tuckered out tonight as they did not stop all day long.  Here's a fun glimpse into the celebration...although it really doesn't capture the effort, creativity and time that our amazing parents put into it.  Still, I know you'll enjoy their smiling faces:

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Art and Science Fun

Some of our artwork was selected for display at one of the local banks.  Here are some of our classroom artists showing us their creations.  It was also special to have some of our art supporters come out to see the work of our classmates and schoolmates.  

 And our work continues with our Ringling artists.  The tiles have officially begun to be painted.  Here our young artists are working on "ocean pictures" which will be added to the entire mural.

And in the Science department, we have created our very own WORM FARM in the classroom!  Today we started by observing the worms and recording our observations.  

Then we went outside to add some of the necessary ingredients to our bin.  

The kids are so excited to see what happens with our worm farm in the coming weeks.

More Seuss...

 As we continued our Seuss-fun...we took a side trip to see The Lorax with some of our Learning Garden friends and their families.
 Some people in our group enjoyed a delicious supper after the movie.

 We also tried our hand at creating some "truffula trees"...from The Lorax.  This was also a great time for us to practice some handwriting as we wrote The Lorax's words:  "I am the Lorax I speak for the trees."

 The truffula tree art project was nearly a disaster because we had a TERRIBLE time getting the "tufts" stay put on the trees.  In fact, I thought maybe the "Onceler" was going to have to come and chop them down.  But they FINALLY did stay put and I think they turned out pretty cute.

Our book buddies came to visit and we took time to enjoy the beautiful springtime weather outside.

 And of course, no unit on Seuss would be complete without a Cat in the Hat art project.  We completed a glyph book and then used that as our "recipe" to make our cats.  These turned out SO CUTE!  (Even if I do say so myself!)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

And March Continues to Roll Along...

I know we had Spring Break, but WOW this month is FLYING BY!  And I haven't blogged since the beginning of it.  Let's just say we have been knee-deep in everything "Seuss".  Here are a few glimpses into this fun unit:

We started with a program celebrating all we've learned in the first quarter.

Check out our "special visitor"....The Cat in the Hat himself!

And check out my SWEET CATS!

And then there were Green Eggs and Ham with our Book Buddies...

Mrs. Abshire helped us crack those eggs...

Then we read Dr. Seuss books while they cooked.  

We stirred and stirred and it turned GREEN!!

Then came the tasting...

Check out those faces...

We charted everyone who liked them and didn't...

These two were on the YES list!

More Dr. Seuss to come...