Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mystery Readers

As our last week before the holiday is upon us, we will be opening two "packages" every day with some visits from some VERY special MYSTERY READERS!  Here is a little glimpse into our first two visitors:

Our first "guest" was truly a "mystery reader"---complete with mask!  I love seeing the kids' faces when one realizes it's her Mom!

And it was SO COOL that we got to hear a new book by Jannell Cannon.  The book was called "Pinduli".  We were able to compare it to the book Stellaluna that we read back in October.  And the kids were making text-to-text connections everywhere.  

Our second reader came in the afternoon and "opened" THREE books for us!  

The books we heard were "Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?" by Jerry Pallotta, "I Wonder Why" by Lois Rock and Mommy Time! by Elisabeth Brami.  It was fun to read Jerry Pallotta's book because we read "Who Will Carve the Thanksgiving Turkey?" back in November.  These two books are VERY similar.  So, once again, we were able to make some text-to-text connections!

We cannot WAIT to open the rest of our holiday mystery reader packages this week!

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