Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Fun and Mystery Readers...

And our Mystery Reader fun continued this morning...Here's our wonderful learner discovering her Mom at the door:  

And she shared with us a VERY FUNNY book called "Santa Duck and His Holiday Helpers" by David Milgrim.  I will definitely use this book next year to teach "speech bubbles"...I LOVE the dialogue and the speech bubbles throughout.  

 THEN Grandma and Grandpa Nations came in to help us with our "sneacrets" (see this week's newsletter for an explanation of that vocabulary word).  Grandpa even donned his best antlers for us.

 While they were helping get presents wrapped to bring home, some of the kiddos worked on some more holiday decorations.
 I LOVE when I found these two friends tucked away to revisit Jerry Pallotta's "Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?" shared by yesterday's Mystery Reader.
 Even the computers have some holiday fun for us while we practice our reading...

 This afternoon, some of the kids played with the new art supplies Granmda brought us.  Here are some "earmuffs" for the dog.
 And, what would a day be without a "Mahi-Mahi Mask"?  I had to laugh as he was asking everyone if they knew what a Mahi-Mahi is...and admittedly, I think I got a little hungry listening into the conversations!
 We rounded out our day with another great Mystery Reader.  She shared Max Lucado's "Best Of All" with us--a great story with a powerful message that we all need to be who we are and understand that we all have something special about us.
I'm loving the Mystery Readers...and my kiddo's reaction when they hear the phone ring to tell us another one has arrived.  SO SWEET!

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