Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ornaments and more Mystery Readers

So, yesterday I alluded to the fact that these sweet little ornaments were being finished in our room and I couldn't NOT share the result.  I think they turned out A-DORABLE!  Of course I'm wondering if my 23, 22, 17 and almost 13 year olds would mind wrapping THEIR hands around an ornament so I can have one on MY tree too!  :-)


 Then we topped our day off with another Mystery Reader.  As I've said in other blog posts, I LOVE this moment of discovery.  You can see it on his face and there are no words needed to explain it!

Today's book was a fun little Hallmark book called "What's Shakin in Snowflake City?"  This great book has a ton of prediction possibilities as kids find out just WHY Snowflake City keeps getting shaken up!

As we head into the holidays, the kids are excited and teachers are tired...but I can honestly tell you I am more fulfilled this year than I've been in a while.  It's such a joy to share the wonder of this season with little people who still find it all so amazing.

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