Wednesday, January 18, 2012

These KIDS....

ROCK!  My Learning Garden kids don't let anything throw them.  We had visitors in today (six to be exact) to watch us learn together and they did a GREAT job!  I love how they just keep on keeping on when things change in our world.  Our teacher friends got to see the kids thinking, learning, and growing together.  They also got to see some of the deep thinking we do about text in our classroom.  The fact that it was the first day back after a long weekend didn't throw them.  The fact that we were out of our regular program (due to the short week) didn't throw them.  The fact that it took a bit longer on the rug today because of the LONNNGGG calendar catch up we had to do didn't throw them.  Nothing threw them.  And I couldn't be PROUDER!!

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