Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today is Monday...

Today's not really Monday, it's Saturday.  I couldn't resist sharing our first class book, however.  So I am sharing it today.

We read "Today is Monday" and learned the song this past week.  We will be learning more about Eric Carle and his incredible artwork as the year goes on.  To begin with, we talked about the important work of an illustrator.  He (or she) must put the pictures in the book that help readers understand what the author is trying to say.

We looked at how BIG Eric Carle's animals are in this book.  We also looked at how he added other color around the borders of the pictures and on the pages.

Then I helped each artist pick a page (picture) that he (or she) wanted to make.  I chose two artists for most pages so that we would get pictures that were large enough to make a decent sized big book.

When the kids finished, they helped match their picture up with the text that belongs on their page.  Then each artist "duo" took an artist walk with their illustrations and we clapped for their hard work.

Here's the final product!  Enjoy!

By the way,  I think my sweet artists look pretty proud of their hard work.  Don't you?

Today is Monday

Illustrated by Mrs. Nations' Kindergarten Class

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