Friday, September 23, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Day (in two parts)

Welcome to Johnny Appleseed Day!  We are finishing up a unit where we've learned all about apples and John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed).  Johnny Appleseed Day is usually celebrated on Sept. 26th but we have a special birthday celebration on Monday, so we went with the first day of Fall.  Here are the kids signing in...Today's survey question:  "Are you excited about Johnny Appleseed Day?  Yes or No."  

Here is the cute little Johnny Appleseed craft I found at Oriental Trading.  So easy and fun to make!  Well, truth be told, we had a few boots fall off...but it was nothing a little glue couldn't fix!  

 We had five stations in our rotation. The first was the craft shown above.  At one we made an Applesauce book that helped us know how to make applesauce.
 Here the kids are tasting seven different types of apples and recording their data.

 And here they are making apple prints with painted apples.
 Then there's the cooking!  Making applesauce together.

 Then, of course, we wrote about our experience!  We used the words "I like..." to start our writing today.  I thought it was funny when kids kept saying, "I liked it all."  I said, "Then write about it all!"

 And here we are together...celebrating the day...

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