Friday, September 9, 2011

It's been another busy week in K.  We have been reading books and talking about the "Language of Thinkers".  This is specific language that readers and thinkers use to show they understand the books they read.  Initially we started with "I notice" to help kids start to dig into details of the books we read together.  This week we added "Predict" and the language we are using is "Maybe..." to make a great guess about what will happen in the book.  Here we are practicing predictions using the book Something Special.  
 The students are practicing putting the title on the page and then drawing or writing their prediction.  They all write the word "Maybe..." and then those that can, add "kid writing" to get their great ideas down on paper. I love it that I have so many "risk-takers"!  They are OK giving their writing a try and putting what they know on the paper.

 We have a whole range of writers in our room.  Some are still stringing together random letters and others are putting beginning sounds of the words they hear.  Still others are more close to actually spelling some words correct.

 And look at the creation of some of my guys during developmental centers this week!  Remember playing with Lincoln Logs when you were a kid?  I do!  I'm not sure I EVER built anything this intricate with them.  Who knows?  These just may be budding architects or city planners!
 And today, for Math, we learned about "glyphs".  The term "glyphs" comes from hieroglyphics.  These are a pictorial form of data collection.  As part of our Apple Unit, we completed these Apple Glyphs today.  Students build their apple by answering specific questions.  We hope maybe our parents will be able to figure out which glyph is ours when they visit our room on Monday night!

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