Monday, November 14, 2011

And the Mosaics GROW...

 It dawned on me tonight that I haven't posted the latest pictures of our Mosaic work.  Here we are putting the finishing touches on our small "take-home" mosaics. For a full explanation of our project, visit this post.  
 And then we got to make the "big" ones with our artists' help.  Lindsey and Chitra, we think you ROCK!  We worked in teams of three to put the stones and glass into our mosaic tiles.  The artists reminded us that mosaics should have space in between the pieces.  They also let us put in the stones that we painted.  Mr. Dragon even stopped by to look at our handiwork.  These beautiful pieces are going to become part of our Courtyard at school.  We are excited to share them with the rest of the Southside community!  

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