Friday, November 18, 2011

November Fun and Learning...

I LOVE my Pinterest account!  I saw these cute wreaths on there and decided we had to make them in the Learning Garden.  We painted our paper last week and thanks to the help of a wonderful Mom, got all the other pieces traced and cut this week.  And, if I do say so myself, THEY ARE ADORABLE!  

 Then this afternoon we had our Pumpkin and Cookie FEAST...and I do mean FEAST!  There was PIE aplenty and Cookies galore!  Here's my sweet darlings getting ready to go down to sing for their parents.
 And then, when we realized we forgot collars, we hurried and put them on...but there was no organizing at that time for another picture.  This was our best attempt!

 And, as I've come to learn, my lovely kiddos will always sing with GUSTO!
 Proud of my "Pilgrims"!
Two more days of learning  fun before Turkey Day! Be sure to check back and see what we're up to NEXT WEEK!

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