Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Writing Workshop In Progress...

Last week we started our official Writing Workshop.  This means that writers work on a writing piece that they select.  

We started with an anchor chart talking about what we can write about.  Pretty much ANYTHING goes during this time.  

Every writer has his or her own writing folder where writing can be stored.  I want students to learn that writing is ongoing and dynamic.  

The workshop begins with me teaching a quick mini-lesson about writing.  Then students talk and brainstorm together about what they would like to write. It's important that writers write about what they know and can talk about.  

Then we continue by finding a comfy spot to work.  And we always have a QUIET five minutes for writers to do their brainstorming or thinking.  

 I encourage writers to start out with a picture because this is a GREAT way to hold the thinking.  We also talk a lot about stretching words out and putting the sounds we hear in the words.  It's important to get those great ideas down on paper.  We can ALWAYS go back and edit and fix up spelling at another time.

Watch for the products of writing workshop coming your way very soon!

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