Monday, April 23, 2012

What I love about Kindergarten...

I LOVE Kindergarten kiddos!  Their hearts are so sweet and they just soak up EVERYTHING...including vocabulary words.  Today, my kids presented me with two very special gifts during afternoon centers.  The first was a book about gardens and vegetables and fruit.  They said it was their gift to me because they loved me and they love the Learning Garden.  I'm telling you, they know just how to GET TO MY HEART!  After me tearing up a bit, and us sharing a group hug, I continued my work only to receive another surprise moments later.  

Before I show you that little gem, enjoy a few pages from this precious book the kids made.  The best part in my mind is that they collaborated and did it all on their own--without me knowing!  I love that.  

 Then these two other little creative authors snuck over to see me.  When they held their creation up proudly for me to see, I saw the opening words (which you might be able to see when you enlarge this photo below). 

 It starts with the words "wut a dscras."   I have been reading kid writing long enough that I immediately thought, "Wow, does that really say 'what a disgrace'?"  I started churning through my kid writing rolodex trying to figure out what word they MIGHT have been writing.  Then I decided to just ask them to help me out.  

When I asked these giddy young writers to read it to me, they confirmed that it did in fact say:  "What a disgrace.  You are so nice.  Wow!  I love you.  Cool, Cool, Cool"....then my mind started rolling...what else might they mean besides "disgrace"?  

And the truth is, I have no idea!  It made me chuckle inside.  We also shared a group hug and I thanked them for thinking of me during center time.  

By the way, the green part in the first picture is a mask that I "can wear" when I want to.  Maybe when I'm being a "disgrace", I'll put it on!  ;-)  

Seriously, there aren't many people who can say their jobs fill their lives with laughs and smiles like mine does.  I am 100% BLESSED to be able to spend the day with these amazing kiddos and their amazing little creative minds.  And, that, my friends is just a bit of what I love about Kindergarten!

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